So today is Valentines day and of course I am sat here with Salt and Vinegar Twists and ice cream watching all my favourite shows wondering why no one loves me. But today isn't just about who loves you in a way that a boyfriend loves his girlfriend and vice versa. Today is about who loves you in any type of way and who you love back. Today isn't just about a non-platonic, sexual relationship between two people, it's about friends and family as well. My Valentine is my Papa and my two best friends (even if one of them is in a relationship) They are my Valentine not just today, but everyday, unconditionally.

So if you're sat at home alone with box sets and ice cream, don't worry. You don't have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife to enjoy today! Spend it with friends and family, make them your valentine and be happy and grateful you have them in your life. Go on a joke date with your best friend or go to the cinema with your parents. But remember to let them know how much you love them, not just today, but every day. It can go a long way knowing that someone loves you.

Sorry, if this post is so short, I was puzzled as to what to write about today.
Do you have a valentine?

Papa: "Happy lovey day princess x"
Me: "Love you papa xxxx"

Remember, Valentines day is about friends and family as well, not just couple relationships. 

Love, Abi xxxx

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